Why you want to choose Chambers Theory: 


You want results. We have the best processes and formula to deliver the metrics that matter to YOUR success – no other firm has, or can deliver the statistical results as good as the measurable performances that the individuals on the Chambers Theory team have delivered to their clients in one of the most important aspects of real estate… the listing process. We utilize Chambers Theory, and apply an activity-based pricing model to help property owners maximize their results within the market dynamics of listing their home. The proof is in the pudding! Contact us to see the spreadsheet outlining MLS (MRIS) statistics that compare the career listing statistics of our team to the most prominent property management firms in the DC Metro area.


You want someone who cares. You want someone who cares. In most facets of our life, its nice when people care about us. When you do business with anyone for anything, you don’t want to feel like you are just part of market-share, nor do you want a sense that their interest in you is only about your contribution to the company bottom-line. We’ve been in those programs and companies, we have heard the mantra of what corporate leadership at other firms focus on, and that is why Chambers Theory is going back to the basics in being client-focused. You want respect, you want to be heard, you want a firm that cares about YOUR bottom-line. Yes, we have to run a profitable company or our business will fail – but we believe that we will succeed if we care about our clients and care about your success. Compare our property management agreement to the other firms that service our area – we align our interests with yours better than anyone else. Many of our friends have become clients, and many of our clients have become friends. Real estate services, whether residential sales or property management HAS to be about care!


You want VALUE. Yes, the price of services is important to know – but don’t let that be the end of your analysis in your selection process. Comparing ALL pricing, apples-to-apples, not just the monthly property management fee or listing commission is important because other fees may apply, other services might be included, and additional pricing options might exist. Value doesn’t just represent what you pay… it represents what you get for what you pay. Do you want good results? What is the history of results of one firm vs another (these metrics are available to all firms through MRIS). The Chambers Theory team is confident (and has the metrics to prove it) that you get the best results AND the most care with us… so please, contact us and consult with us about your real estate needs and discover our pricing and why we are the best value proposition for you.