Hello, my name is Gregg Waters and I am Senior Property Manager for Chambers Theory.


I’m here to answer frequently asked questions our landlords may have surrounding Inspections. We want to help ensure your property management experience is a positive one.


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When it comes to Inspections, one important question that comes up often is:


  1. How many inspections do you perform at my Home?

A: Our company performs 3 formal inspections, in addition to periodic drive-bys, due-cause walk-throughs, and/or owner visits.

The main 3 inspections are:


  1. Move in Inspections
  2. Move out Inspections
  3. Semi-Annual & Annual Smoke Detector Certification Inspections


The Move in Inspection:


This inspection will be used to determine security deposit charges and delineate responsibility for costs to maintain the property to standards. Whenever money is involved, we need to be able to justify who is responsible with confidence. This is also the opportunity to demonstrate the functionality of the property with tenants, so they know where the filters, cut-offs, breaker panels, disposal resets, etc. are located. The move-in inspection must capture detailed conditions as of the date the tenants assume possession. This inspection report should be broken down by rooms and areas, so it can be easily compared when tenants vacate. By providing detailed report on the condition of the home, the Inspector can then confidently determine damages attributable to tenant use or abuse. The move-in inspection should also have a link with photos, capturing all areas of the home, including exterior, roof, all flooring, walls, windows and screens, appliances [inside and out], and fixtures. A thorough inspection can take up to 2+ hours.


The Move out Inspections:


These inspections are typically the main source for disputes over security deposit charges, as tenants all claim “this place is in better shape than when we moved in”, and Landlords often want outgoing tenants to assume costs involved to prepare the property for the next tenancy. The move-out inspection should be performed once tenants have moved out, completed their requirements and are ready to turn over keys and relinquish possession of the home. The Inspector needs to have a clear understanding of what is considered “normal wear and tear”, as well as depreciable life spans of carpets, paint, appliances, and more, inside and outside of a rental property. If we have a solid, detailed move-in Report, the Inspector should be able to identify issues which may be considered as tenant abuse or damage and proceed to charge their security deposit with confidence. Tenants should provide receipts for cleaning, carpet cleaning and chimney cleaning, if applicable. Photos should document general conditions and capture any issues which may be considered as security deposit charge. Any issues considered as security deposit items need to be clearly identified and billed separately. We have limited time to reconcile the security deposit, so these items need to be shared with the Landlord, as well as tenants, in a timely fashion. The lease states that the security deposit will be returned within 45 days of move.


The Annual Inspection:


The annual inspection is typically performed within the first 5 to 7 months from the lease start date. The intent of the annual inspection is to ensure Tenants are respecting and maintaining the property to standards, as well as meeting their obligations per the lease, which includes changing furnace filters, winterization of exterior hose cut-offs, as well as to identify any outstanding issues or concerns, note any items which may need attention in the future, and also certify that all smoke detectors are functional and have not expired.



Our clients often wonder:


  1. Do I get to review a copy of the inspection report with photos?

A: Of course! You will receive a report for each inspection we perform, in addition to photos and an assessment from your client care rep with guidance on how to proceed.



For additional questions, you can call your Client Care Representative at (703) 609-2323 or send an email at [email protected].


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