Customized Plans & Pricing

At Chambers Theory we prioritize your needs and circumstances.

Circumstances Demand Customization

Every client and every property are different. Your circumstances may demand customization of services. We offer multiple service-level platforms and options in property management for you to choose the best service package for your needs and for you to have the opportunity to customize accordingly.

NOTE: Chambers Theory has none of the following charges you might find with other firms:

  • NO “Termination Fee” [Some firms will charge you to terminate your agreement!]
  • NO annual charge for “Technology Use”!
  • NO charge if the property is vacant.
  • NO “Maintenance call charges” [Some firms will charge you separately for each repair call!]
  • NO “Maintenance surcharges” [Some firms will charge you a surcharge on top of repairs!!]
  • NO charge for rent-collection/eviction [And we split the late fees with the Landlord!]


Full Service Property Management

Full-Service Property Management services. Classic, arrangement of tasks, but through Chambers Theory you get more care, better results, and true value-added high-quality service. The property management fee is expressed as a percentage of rents collected for the duration of the account. Here’s what we offer:

  • Discounts apply to owners who are military, FSOs, or if they are placing multiple properties in our management care
  • Marketing the home and screening prospective renters
  • Professional photography of the property is included in the leasing commission
  • Lease preparation and execution
  • Move-in inspection with photos and report
  • An interim inspection with photos and report
  • Tenant move-out inspection at the end of the lease with photos and report
  • Full-array of coordinating repairs & contractor management
  • Rent collection and financial reporting
  • The Rent Guarantee program is included if Chambers Theory lists and leases the property to the Tenant.


Airbnb & Owner Controlled Accounts

For clients who want property management services at a reduced fee structure, and they are willing to do more self-participation and take responsibility for some of the property management tasks themselves. The owner is essentially managing their property, but using Chambers Theory as a resource and for accounting/escrow organization and financing reporting. Simply put, Platform 2 will provide good reporting and assistance to the owner trying to manage the home themselves [This property management model may be ideal for home owners practicing AirBNB or VRBO].

This platform does include the following:

  • Collecting rent
  • Reconciling management escrows and paying vendors as well as 1099 tax reporting
  • An inspection package (individual inspections, or packaging the move-in/interim/move-out inspection) is available to Owners and inspection charges will be agreed upon in a separate addendum.

This platform does not include:

  • No professional pictures included in a listing for rent
  • No inspections included*
  • No repairs to be initiated or coordinated by the property manager without written approval from the landlord (except in agreed upon emergency and after-hours situations).

Whereas Chambers Theory will be a resource and a guide for the owner on repair needs and contractor suggestions, and we will offer after-hour emergency service repair calls, the owner is ultimately in charge of property inspections, coordinating the repairs, and managing the contractors directly.

*Inspections can be ordered and paid for a la carte

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