EASY AS 1-2-3!

Is the thought of switching property managers too daunting, too much hassle, maybe you are unsure it's worth the stress? Guess what? It's easy and we do it all the time without any issues, and without much effort on your end! Contact us today to find out how easy making your switch can be.


Before you notify your property manager that you'd like to terminate your contract with them, ask them to send you the following, electronically:

  1. Management Agreement
  2. Current Lease & any addenda to lease


Review your current property management agreement to familiarize yourself with the requirement outlined for terminating services, ensure there are no penalties. Most companies simply require an allotted amount of time to be notified for them to prepare the close out of your account. If you are unsure, we're more than happy to review it for you and advise.


Notify your property manager that you'd like to terminate your contract with them. Ask they send you the following, electronically:

  1. Most recent Move in inspection
  2. Most recent Interim inspection
  3. Your current tenants' contact information [email, phone]
  4. A copy of your current tenants application report
  5. Any and all marketing photos of your home

Also, ask if they can notify your tenant of the transfer to a new firm so the tenant knows that after X date, rent should no longer be sent to X company, but rather to your new property manager.

Macro photo of tooth wheel mechanism with arrows and OLD WAY, NEW WAY; concept of change


Once the allotted time is approaching, ask how/when a representative for your property [can be us or if you prefer, you] pick up the tenants security deposit, keys, fobs, remotes and any remaining funds from your escrow account. Ask for a final statement to show your escrow balance at $0. It's just that easy!