EASY AS 1-2-3!

FSJ ad precarious - final

Transferring at any point during your management does NOT negatively affect you! Just provide your required notice (typically 30 days) to your current company.

We would love to be your Property Manager!

Two Easy Steps: 

  1. Review & Sign a Management Agreement with Chambers Theory.
  2. Provide your current Property Manager an email terminating your contract with them.


We'll coordinate on your behalf, to obtatin the remaining items from your manager, such as:

  • Current Tenant Information, lease(s), inspection(s), application(s), and we reach out to the Tenant to give them a courtesy update, then schedule a preliminary walk through with them.
  • Current or previous repairs underway, interim inspections.
  • We request any and all marketing photos of your home.
  • We coordinate picking up all documents, checks, keys/FOBS/remotes, etc. from your current property manager. It's just that easy!
Macro photo of tooth wheel mechanism with arrows and OLD WAY, NEW WAY; concept of change