Professional Photography


Once you have hired us, if you utilize our marketing team to lease out your home we offer a complimentary full professional photography session. Our photographer has provided our clients this helpful guide to Preparing your Home’s Photo Shoot.

PHOTOS are Everything! First impressions [online] do count. According to, 92% of house-hunters use the internet as part of their home search this percentage makes it clear to us that the quality of good listing photos plays a critical role in helping to achieve list price!

Good Photos that showcase a home in its best light also typically results in shorter days on market which translates to higher rental income for our client, sooner! Poor photography [or no photography, believe it or not some agents don't put any photos on listings!] more often than not, results in the prospect skipping that online listing, not bothering to see it in person and moves to the next one of many listings available similarly sized and priced in that location.

Pricing a home in fair market value is key. However, photography sells the dream and helps drives foot traffic through the door, showings = application[s].